OK folks, here is the current thinking on a house. Very subject to change. Apologies for some drawings being very slightly tilted - I couldn't get the book to hold still in the scanner. These are all very much just planning and thoughts.

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Here's a drawing of the house. If chosen, I would drop the little arches on the roof, and perhaps square off the window over the front door.

The first floor seems to be well planned. After much thought I decided to put the master on the first floor. Note the entryway and family room are open to the roof. Can you say "Skylights"??
Original first floor

Here's the second floor. Two main guest rooms, and a possible study, etc.
Second floor

The first variation on the ground floor. Stretching the garage to a three car capacity.
First floor with 3 car garage

Second variation: stretch the house and enlarge the kitchen area. This results in the laundry being huge, so I split off a pantry area. Perhaps the kitchen is now too large. These are just possible ideas, so we won't let that bother us right now.
3 car garage, big kitche, pantry

Looking at the lot, it appears the best configuration would result from the plans being flipped 180 degrees. This results in the Master Bedroom end of the house being to the north.
Flipped layout