OK.. let's start with a view of where we are talking. This image is a 1995 satellite view of the area from the terraserver website. It shows the new roads thatconnect into the two old roads. One is to the east, the other is south. Click the image for a full size (800x600) image.
Satellite view

OK... now we are back on the ground. Below we show the view down the road and towards the south. The photo is taken from the southeastern corner of the land and shows that we are close to the top of the hill. yes, I will need either a front wheel drive,or maybe a four wheel drive to get up here on icy days.
View from land to south

Next we turn and are looking at the property from the southeast corner of the land.
View towards north from southeast corner

Now we've walked a bit into the property and are looking back at the car to the south.
Looking back to car

This is the approximate area that will be cleared for the house. This is facing approximately north. Note the brainless wonder just cruising looking for presents that the local deer have left. This is about 150 feet into the property. Let's not try to shovel a too long driveway in the winter!
approximate location of house

More of the area to be cleared. This view is more towards the south. Logging a number of years ago took most of the big trees and this area has mostly small growth.
another view
That's about it, folks. Just a few more steps to moving day.
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